Meal-Kit App

UI redesign exploration

UI/UX Design
Interaction Design

Previously, I worked on a website redesign for the non-subscription meal-kit ordering service, Chef'd. Based on my knowledge of this service, and loosely on the current Chef'd App, I decided to revisit this concept and explore some UI ideas for a meal-kit app redesign.

The concept: The driving elements of my design were minimal UI, full screen imagery, and gesture based navigation. The result is a content-driven, simple, and immersive browsing experience.

Minimal UI

For the user browsing with one question on their mind, "what should I eat?", photography plays one of the most important roles in selling the product.

Therefore, once the user starts to scroll down into the browsing experience, the top navigation is designed to disappear to allow for the photography to have maximum impact.

Human Voice

The way text is worded is a seemly small detail that can make a big difference in the user experience. Instead of labeling items "Search" and "Top categories" we use language that resonates with how the user is thinking.

Drive Re-engagement

What's going to make a user come back to an app? A personalized experience and new content.

This design is focused on promoting new products at the forefront of the app. Simply swipe left and right to see Just For You recommendations, new arrivals, and curated promotions.



Cynthia Lu: design

All photography used/modified for mockup purposes. I do not take credit for any of the photography/imagery used in this project.