App concept

Project brief: Develop an app concept, then create branding, wireframes, and a one-page responsive landing page to pitch your idea.

Concept: Rolle is an on-demand carpooling app that makes it easy to get and give rides with people at your school or work place.

Rolle is carpooling, but not your mother's carpooling. It's an easy and rewarding way to share rides with people at your school or work. Get rides when you need them. Give rides to help out your community while saving money and earning rewards. Perfect for students on campus and commuters looking for buddies. Rolle is all about moving forward - not just to your destination but sharing the ride with new friends and protecting the environment together.

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Cynthia Lu: designer, coder

All photography used/modified for mockup purposes. I do not take credit for any of the photography/imagery used in this project.

Spring 2016